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Collision Reconstruction Investigation

This course equips the experienced investigator with a full complement of skills to comprehensively analyze and reconstruct almost any motor-vehicle accident. Building on advanced techniques, students learn how to apply their training to crashes involving pedestrians and commercial vehicles and hit-and-runs, and to preserve and interpret "black box" data. An actual, staged vehicle crash module can be incorporated in the course, depending on venue and availability of vehicles.

80 hours 2 instructors


Contract Basis

Tuition Basis-20 student minimum

Call for pricing


Maximum number of students: 30

Prerequisite: Advanced Collision Investigation (or equivalent)

Required of Student:

  • 100% attendance
  • hand-held scientific calculator

Course Outcome: Upon completion of this course, the student will understand the principles and theories of collision reconstruction investigation and will be able to apply those principles when investigating motor vehicle crashes.

Materials Provided:

  • Course binder with resource materials, presentation notes, classroom projects and note paper
  • CD ROM which includes student presentation review & resource materials

"With the outdoor projects, it helped put the classroom ideas to use in the field. Would definitely try to attend any courses offered-Excellent job!"

Ray Poole, St. Mary's County, MD

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